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"Healthy Home Cooking"

Born and raised on southern cooking, my momma made the best of the best comfort food, but it wasn't always the best for your waistline. After many years of practice, I have developed a healthy version of the foods I loved best! In addition to my down home favorites, I've added the healthy versions of our favorite places to eat out...Mexican and Chinese!

My goal - You would NEVER guess these meals aren't just like my momma cooked and you would swear they aren't good for you! 

Nutritiously and deliciously perfect for losing or maintaining weight!

Each of my prepared meals will have several things in common...

  • Heart Healthy - No butter, no oil, no added fat, using only lean proteins, fresh vegetables. No salt or added sugar.
  • Calorie Controlled - Each dinner portion will be 450 calories or LESS!
  • Fresh Ingredients - Using what comes from the ground and in season in every meal!
  • Packaged and ready to heat and eat!

Simple and Easy!

1: Order by midnight Friday

2: Email or text your meal number and quantity!

3: Pick-up on Sunday from 3-5pm


September Menu
17th - 23rd

1: Lean Protein

2: Chicken Pot Pie

3: Heart Healthy Chili

4: Fiesta Time

5: Chinese Take Out