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Fusion  5K

Walk/Run Program


Heart Healthy! Cardiovascular Program!

Walk or Run?

Introducing the Fusion 5K Walk/Run Program!

A brand new walking/running program! A program of weekly meets and group training that will increase your steps, improve cardiovascular strength and endurance, lose weight, and keep those POUNDS OFF!  A customized training plan for you! From what to wear, to what to eat, to the finish line!

Beginner or Advanced

You get a t-shirt, A personalized BIB and your time will be monitored when you cross the finish line. Packet pick-up will be Thursday or Friday of the last week of the month! Fusion Group X members may pick up packets anytime throughout the week.

Walk /Run will start at 9am on Saturday mornings, last Saturday of the month!

The Training Program

Beginner - Increase your steps to 3.1 miles to complete your 1ST 5K! Using Fusions customized 5K walking program!

Experienced - Train to beat your best! Using a Fusion SPEED training program -learn to beat your previous record! With a 5K every month, to have the opportunity to become faster and stronger each month! No matter if you walk or run!

Walker to Runner? - Learn to run properly and safely and become that runner you have always wanted to be! No more wishing!