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Escape & Massage

Time To Escape... Your escape is an experience, your experience personalized. I use all of your senses to indulge the mind and body to experience total relaxation. Each escape will include a journey into peaceful rejuvenation.  Listen to sounds of peace and serenity, Your choice of music will fill your ears and sweep you away. Smell the delicious fragrances fill the air as I tap into ancient aromatherapy to please the nose. Feel warmth and comfort of the body as you partake into the escape of your choice. 

Gaze into the glow of candlelight or shut your eyes to relax.  

Each escape is designed for total relaxation and care of the body, mind and spirit. 

Escapes are recommended for those that suffer from chronic stress, chronic pain, arthritis, etc. Perfect for those that are looking for deeper relaxation, to experience meditation, indulge in a little pampering or you just need to ESCAPE  life for a while!

Your ESCAPE can be purely physical or can be combined with yoga or meditation.


Total Body Massage or Personalized

60 Minutes or 90 Minutes

Total Escape

Total Escape 

60 Minutes - Includes Facial treatment, Hand treatment, & foot treatment. 

90 Minutes - Includes Facial treatment, Hand treatment & hand massage, foot treatment & foot massage. 

120 Minutes -  Includes Facial treatment, Hand treatment and hand massage, and foot treatment and foot massage. Starting with or preceded by a total body Yoga and flexibility experience to loosen and relax the entire body. 


Facial treatment - 50 minutes - A lift for the face...starting with an aromatherapy warming neck wrap around your neck, your facial treatment includes an facial exfoliation. (Optional) Repair and Moisture rich application to address problem areas and replenish the face. Eye treatment pads, to reduce inflammation and puffiness, and cucumber spray to hydrate. Lip treatment to exfoliate the lips and an intense moisture application to lubricate and protect.


Hand Treatments - 50 Minutes - Hands up! Exfoliating treatment with Dead Sea salts as natural oils moisturize and help protect your hands with ingredients to repair and restore your hands... Dead Sea Salts - Exfoliate skin for soft, smooth hands, Avocado & Safflower Oils - Help create a protective layer on the skin, Vitamin E - Helps protect skin from environmental damage, Tea Tree & Orange Oils - Cleanse and reduce impurities, followed by a restorative hand repair cream that will leave your hands leaving like new.  Then experience our ultimate warming hand blanket followed by a full hand massage.

Foot Treatments - 50 Minutes -Sit back and put your feet up... Relax while we pamper your feet in an intensive treatment that includes a warming foot bath, exfoliation foot scrub, cooling foot salve or warming treatment, foot massage, aromatherapy treatment and moisture soaking. Using powerful natural minerals and emollients, clinical strength ingredients and invigorating peppermint combine to create a luxurious foot treatment. 


  • Massage (60 Minutes) $75
  • Massage (90 Minutes) $90
  • Total Escape (60 Minutes)  $75
  • Total Escape (90 Minutes)  $90
  • Total Escape (120 Minutes)  $120
  • Escape Facial Treatment (50 Minutes) $50
  • Escape Hand Treatment (50 Minutes) $50
  • Escape Foot Treatment (50 Minutes) $50
  • All ESCAPES include a free gift bag to take home! 
  • These are NOT NAIL treatments. Nails will NOT be done.
  • Our amazing products are available for purchase to take home.

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