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Fusion - Your Studio - Private Training Studio

Fusion is not a big box gym. If you want to slip in and out without being noticed, Fusion is not for you. Your trainer will know you, your name, your goals and your excuses, then partner with you to achieve success. Your studio is designed for you to train hard, train strong, and has everything you need to be successful, but... we want you to make yourself at home...


Your Trainer and Owner - HOLLY

After a loss of over 100 pounds - Fitness became her passion! Your trainer holds over 15 years of health, wellness, and fitness training experience. Including;  Weight loss, strength training, injury rehab training and modification, conditioning, life coaching and much,much, more. Your trainer holds 12 national certifications including Master fitness trainer, Exercise Nutrition Specialist, Yoga and Pilates Practitioner, group fitness, youth coaching and many more. Holly is a KY licensed nursing assistant, for over 15 years.   Holly is an active American Red Cross Instructor teaching CPR/AED/FIRST AID training, actively across the Mid-South Region of the US.

Cost - Affordable

It was one of my primary goals to offer affordable training to everyone. We have options to suit any and every person and every budget.

You get what you pay for -  if you want to pay $10 a month, Fusion is not for you. That $10 does not hold you accountable, if you are not willing to make an investment in yourself - why should I make an investment in you?  Your worth is great, act like it.


To be accountable to anything in life, there must be a partnership. My clients are people that are ready and willing to make a change, but just need the right tools. I am your trainer, your coach, your cheerleader and your friend in this journey. I will give you the tools to be successful. 

In health and happiness,


Please stick around to read the comments below... From those that matter!

Customer Testimonials

All of my life I have been over weight. About eight years ago I finally admitted that I was in a serious health crisis. I could not get down on the floor and back up and I could not walk the halls of my office without being winded. I knew I had to do something, I had no strength. I feared going to a gym, I feared moving at all in front of others because I knew I would not be able to do the things they could.  I made the decision to start working out with Holly and she kindly worked with all of my fears and inabilities and showed me ways to modify my exercises. The first day she said to me “move with purpose” and those are still words I live by every day.

I lost some weight, but mostly I gained strength and confidence. I was able to walk longer distances and keep up with others and I knew that was just the beginning. From that, three years ago I made a commitment to a journey to lose weight. I started at 337 pounds and with continued support from Holly, in all areas; physical, nutritional and emotional I am down over 100 pounds and have never gained anything back. It sincerely changed my

life and my habits. I still workout with Holly and I still ask for advice because I trust her with my health.

My exercise has changed now, I do all kinds of activities including strength training, aerobic workouts, swimming, jogging, canoeing, hiking, and most exciting I’m shopping in stores that are not just for plus sized women! My life is so much richer for decision I made to trust Holly, she never lets me down and she never gives up on me.

                                                                        Private Client

Holly has been a great yoga instructor. She customizes the class to our needs, including elements of Pilates or other strengthening moves. I always feel refreshed, worked out and balanced at the end of class.

                   Mary G - Director, Louisville Metro Office of Policy and Management

Holly Elswick has been instrumental in the Mayor’s Office’s effort to promote the Mayor’s Healthy Hometown Movement. She has been a yoga/pilates instructor for a group of metro employees for nearly 5 years, teaching us about one aspect of a healthier lifestyle. Personally, being in her class has taken my own health and lifestyle to a new level.

Rebecca  - Louisville Economic Development Officer


It is with my pleasure to be writing a letter to outline the level of commitment and energy that Holly Elswick has contributed to the programs and employees at the Yum Corporation throughout the past 3 years. During this time, the Yum Health & Wellness Programming has increased rapidly by adding two aerobic facilities. With this growth, over twelve types of classes have been added. Holly has been a huge part of this growth. Her involvement with the Yum programming include but are not limited to instructing the classes, working personally with clients, developing and implementing new programs for the corporation such as “Count Me In” & “Spa Escape”. Holly has also been very active in participating in the annual Health & Wellness Fairs at Yum. Holly has always been there when called upon with an “I Can Do” attitude whatever the program.

Holly is always well prepared and enthusiastic about starting old and new programs. She has a positive outlook and relates well with the customers. Her knowledge and expertise of Health, Wellness and Fitness is a true representation of her professionalism.

Rachel Carlock

Fitness Center Coordinator

Yum Brands Inc.

Holly Elswick has filled our fitness specialist and group instructor position.  During that time she was flexible, reliable, knowledgeable, and dependable.  She was able to fill in a variety of times and teach a wide selection of wonderful fitness classes.  Holly provided our members with great information during one on one consultations and fitness assessments.  Holly is an outstanding asset to have on our list; we will continue to ask Holly to fill in for us when we need a sub, instructor, or specialist.

                                                      Tresa - Program Manager 
Work-Fit Center GE Louisville