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Defined: the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity;
...blend, blending, combination, joining, union, marrying, bonding, merging, melding, mingling, integration, intermingling, synthesis; 
FUSION  includes fusion of the Mind-Body-Spirit and fusion of all elements of physical, mental and emotional health.

FUSION of the Mind~ Body~ Spirit. How your mind thinks affects your body and spirit. A negative mind has ill effects on both the body's ability to change & produce and a negative effect on how you perceive yourself. A body that is tired, unhealthy and lacking energy has a difficult time moving forward to success and exercising (in the elements of physical fitness) to mold and change the body that you visualize. Your spirit, who you are, that cannot hope, seek change, see success, feel proud of accomplishments, will hold you short of success each and everytime.

FUSION of all elements of physical fitness. You must combine each element , Cardio ~ Strength ~ Flexibility  ~ Nutrition to create a strong, physically fit body. You cannot practice one form or version of a workout and expect complete, long lasting results.

FUSION takes the guessing out of it. At Fusion, I have created an atmosphere for success. 

When you enter the door - Expect instruction, education, discipline, motivation and accountability. 
                                                             Your new plan for ultimate success!