The Body SHop 


The Body Shop

Where East Meets West

Welcome to Fusion... A blend of some of the finest things in life. A place to strengthen, stretch and rejuvenate.

Fusion was created to be an oasis of escape. To leave the stress of your daily life behind, to relax and recharge, and simply feel better, inside and out.

 The breath in movement,  and the strengthening of your mind. The result...self control, self-love, self confidence.

The concept is easy and simple.  You, your mind and your body working toward one goal; to live, to feel, to be, the best that you can be, any given day, anytime.

At Fusion, you will never be a number. I will get to know how your body works, how your body moves, and how YOU accomplish your goals. Unique, personalized instruction in a private setting.

There is one catch, leave your cell phone at the door.

Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.